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How Synthego uses the Artificial platform

Arne Vandenbroucke from Synthego spoke at SLAS2023 about how Synthego uses Artificial's digital lab platform to implement business logic in lab automation.
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The Anatomy of a Workflow

Workflows is Artificial’s Python-based software development kit that empowers lab automation and software engineers to create the Artificial LabOps experience themselves.
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Creating a digital lab for all-digital twins to interactive SOPs

Take 25 minutes to learn about Artificial and how we incorporate digital twins with interactive SOPs to truly digitize your lab today. Nikhita Singh, Artificial's co-founder and CPO spoke to a standing room only crowd at SLAS2023 in San Diego about digitizing your lab the Artificial way. If you missed it live, here is your chance to listen in.
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Bring your lab workflows to the cloud with Artificial

Take 25 minutes to learn about the Artificial digital lab platform and how to bring your lab workflows to the cloud with our CEO David Fuller.
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Intuitive lab operations with digital Assistants

No matter how automated a lab is, people will also be central to its operation. Assistants digitize their role so automation is more accessible and efficient.
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How to digitally transform your lab with humans in the loop

A lab's digital transformation isn't complete until teams have the digital tools that put them in control and keep them informed of their technology.
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