Liquid Handling Made Easy

While a liquid handler increases the reproducibility and throughput of your lab, the workflow does become more intimidating to a team. Scientists need to become intimately familiar with liquid handling  software that is highly technical and the intricacies of the hardware for set-up. On top of these challenges, at this stage, labs have yet to implement a LIMS system for request management and data consolidation.

How Artificial Helps

Instead of dealing with these challenges, labs can leverage the Artificial Product Suite and its digital tools to simplify the entire process from request to results and increase the use of a liquid handler.

A simplified liquid handler user experience
Right from the Artificial Suite interface, you can execute and monitor liquid handling runs. The interface abstracts away the complexities of the software that intimidate users without losing the core functionalities. In the case of multiple liquid handlers, there is still a single web interface to run and manage all of your instruments within one platform.

Liquid handler setups made easy
Artificial Assistants provide interactive step-by-step guidance that dynamically updates with each run so you know the exact volume of reagents or the number of tips/plates you need to load. Data fields are also included so you automatically capture critical information like lot numbers into a digital record as you complete your tasks. Linked to a Digital Twin and embedded with images/videos, anyone can set up a liquid handler without extensive training.

Submit requests without a LIMS
Without a LIMS, it is difficult to manage requests and capture associated metadata. Until you’re ready to adopt a LIMS, you can leverage the highly customizable LabOps Request Module that passes down data to your liquid handler for executing a run or creates a request so your scientific run is associated with the automation run.

With the intuitive Artificial interface and our offering of digital tools like Assistants and Request Modules, anyone can easily set up, run, and monitor a liquid handler job, while ensuring that all of your data is captured and linked together. 

Request a demo today to see how Artificial makes your automation journey as smooth as possible from the start.