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Artificial builds software to close the loop between humans and robots in the lab. With Flow Scheduler and Flow Control, we give both scientists and automation engineers the tools they need for easy, flexible control of their automated lab operations. Our Elements SDK provides the building blocks for computer vision, simulation, machine learning and AI necessary to power the automation lab of the future.

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The right tools for the job

Artificial was hatched from founders at Playground Global with the aspiration to meld the best of both robotics and the core technologies at the heart of the Internet. We believe this combination of hardware and software will accelerate productivity in life sciences because of the critical need for rapid innovation, flexible automation, dynamic scheduling, and a clear opportunity for more robots and artificial intelligence.

Our philosophy
Our approach

We're leveraging our breadth and depth of experience in robotics and automation to build modern solutions for the lab of the future

Flow Scheduler

Flexible lab scheduling powered by Elements SDK for setup, tracking, and optimization of lab operations

Flow Tools

Modern web tools powered by Elements SDK for control and management of robots and automation equipment

Elements SDK

Reusable building blocks for designing flexible, scalable robotic automation applications

Substrate Core

Underlying infrastructure purpose-built for control of complex distributed cyber-physical systems

It takes a village
It takes a village

Robotics is a team sport. The skills represented on our team span robotics, machine learning, computer vision, and human computer interaction. Collectively, we've worked on robots that manufacture, drive cars, interact with humans, and perform surgery. As we tackle the challenges in lab automation, we're enlisting the help of developers, designers, and scientists with a passion for building solutions to real-world problems.

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Our village

We are a group of engineers, designers, and roboticists who fundamentally believe in the creative power of humans and the untapped potential of robots

Meet the team

We are a group of roboticists, engineers, designers, and scientists who fundamentally believe in the creative power of humans and the untapped potential of robots.

David is a technology leader with 25 years of global experience building teams and products democratizing robotics and automation and accelerating human innovation.
Nikhita designs, builds and studies how people interact with smart technologies through objects, spaces, and tools.
Nikhita Singh
Head of Product
Geoff is a hands on engineer with experience in robotics, manufacturing, and automation.
Geoff Budd
Head of Engineering
Alex is a software engineer with 8 years of experience developing, integrating, and deploying computer vision technologies.
Alex Honda
Software Engineer
Jake is an engineer with a background in surgical robotics and deep learning.
Jake Sganga
Jon is a computer engineer with a two decade history of building and leading teams to develop user friendly software solving challenging problems.
Jon Fournie
Chief Architect - Visualization
James is a software engineer developing various user experiences on various platforms for almost 15 years.
James Long
Frontend Architect
Betty enjoys scaling start-up business operations while also leveraging her biomedical engineering background.
Betty Liu
Chief of Staff
Lucas is an engineer with experience in designing and building systems and user experiences for automated spaces.
Lucas Cassiano
Cyber-physical UX Engineer
Daniel enjoys writing software that bridge people, machines, infrastructure, and services together.
Daniel Yum
Unsupervised Learner
Gabby translates meaningful human needs into great user interfaces and product experiences.
Gabrielle Halberg
UX Software Engineer
Mike brings 15 years of experience in cutting edge robotics and product development, with forays into edTech and satellite systems.
Mike Sokolsky
Contributor & Advisor
Peter is co-founder, partner, and CTO of Playground Global.
Peter Barrett
Contributor & Advisor
Our advisors

Pieter Abbeel

Professor at UC Berkeley, Founder of and Gradescope

Martin Beuhler

VP of R&D at Bionaut Labs, project lead of BigDog at Boston Dynamics

Rodney Brooks

Founder & CTO of iRobot, Rethink Robotics, and Robust.AI

Frank Dellaert

Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Interactive Computing

Torsten Kroeger

Robotics Director at X (Google), Founder of Reflexxes and Loom Vision, former Professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Sergey Levine

Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, Berkeley AI Research Lab

David McLoughlin

VP of Automation & Operational Excellence at Adaptive Biotechnologies, former VP Automation at Zymergen & Operations Director at Eli Lilly & Company