Accessible Integrated Systems

Once you’ve expanded from your single liquid handler to include additional instruments, teams become increasingly intimidated to leverage automation. Additional devices means multiple software systems with varying interfaces along with more training to set up, operate, and maintain the hardware. At this point in the journey, it also even more important to be aware of the state of your operations no matter where you are. 

How Artificial Helps

No matter the number of instruments or software you implement, the Artificial Product Suite puts your entire operations at your fingertips while ensuring every aspect of your operations is accessible by all teams.

All of your lab’s software tools at your fingertips Artificial connects across your lab’s existing software systems such as your LIMS, schedulers, and liquid handling software. So, when a request is made in your LIMS, it is automatically synced to Artificial, where LabOps optimally batches requests and initiates the order in a scheduler. Through the entire run, Artificial records all of the run’s metadata and feeds it back into your LIMS. With Artificial, you can go from request to execution and final data generation in one single platform.

An integrated system accessible by all scientists Scientists can leverage Assistants to get expert-level instructions in a digital, dynamic guide. Every step is linked to a Digital Twin and is embedded with warnings, media, and notes so there’s no question as to what happens next. With this level of detail, anyone is able to set up and operate an integrated system without knowing every single detail of every instrument, plate, or consumable.

Access and operate from anywhere The entire Artificial Suite is web-based so you can access your lab at any time from anywhere on any device. Anyone on your team can securely log in on their phone, tablet, or laptop/computer and get the same view of pending work, system state, and more. This way you can control, run, and monitor your lab from anywhere at any time.

With Artificial’s connectivity into existing software systems and an easy-to-use interface, it is easy to expand your automation. Despite increasing the complexity of your automation, you have one place to manage requests, execute jobs, monitor runs, and guide users through manual steps.

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