Complex, Multi-Day Workflows

As automation matures, labs no longer only automate workflows that are hours-long but are now automating workflows that span days and even weeks. To do this, labs will rely on multiple software systems and an extensive range of instrumentation from a span of vendors. While they gain increase in efficiency and throughput, software systems remain disconnected, schedulers are unable to handle multi-day workflows, and training operators is time-consuming and challenging.

How Artificial Helps

To address these gaps and help labs realize their full automation potential, the Artificial Product Suite includes a next-generation scheduler that can handle multi-phased workflows and digital guides for every instrument in your lab.

A next-generation scheduler for multi-part workflows Artificial’s scheduler–LabOps–can schedule jobs concurrently in one system or across multiple systems regardless of the job duration. LabOps is also capable of scheduling process dependencies so when it schedules part one of a workflow, the second part is scheduled within a specific time range. LabOps also provides a calendar and Gantt chart view so you can understand all of the interdependencies in your operations.

Standardized manual operations across shifts Artificial Assistants provide interactive, digital guidance with automatic data capture so your set-up or manual intervention is always consistent and error-free. With customizations, common errors can be quickly addressed with embedded media and warnings. If anything changes with a run, each step dynamically updates so all your operators only need to follow the instructions.

A fully connected and unified experience from request to result The Artificial Suite can connect to your LIMS, scheduler, liquid handling control software, or custom code and bring them onto a single platform. Even if you have software from multiple vendors, they can all be integrated into Artificial. This way you can schedule requests submitted in your LIMS, directly execute automated workflows, monitor the state of a job, and view your data - all within Artificial.

Using Artificial, labs with complex, multi-part workflows can create a streamlined digital experience on both the backend and frontend–whether that’s orchestrating all of your software, capturing all of your data, or ensuring all your operators are ready.

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