Building a smarter lab: Connect your lab to the cloud

In the quest for the 'lab of the future,' companies are embracing a multi-year journey encompassing automation, connectivity, digital transformation, data standardization, and more; however, a crucial initial step lies in seamlessly connecting their laboratory operations to the cloud.
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The Anatomy of a Workflow

Workflows is Artificial’s Python-based software development kit that empowers lab automation and software engineers to create the Artificial LabOps experience themselves.
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Intuitive lab operations with digital Assistants

No matter how automated a lab is, people will also be central to its operation. Assistants digitize their role so automation is more accessible and efficient.
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How to digitally transform your lab with humans in the loop

A lab's digital transformation isn't complete until teams have the digital tools that put them in control and keep them informed of their technology.
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Lab Orchestration

In this blog, Artificial Co-founder and CEO David Fuller shares the four fundamental areas that must be a part of a lab’s digital strategy to realize a digitally transformed, AI-ready lab.
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Automation in a Scientist's Perspective

Artificial's Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Linney Ph.D., who has more than 30 years' experience in life sciences, shares how automation has changed over her career.
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Designing for Scientists, Operators and Automation Engineers

At Artificial, we design for scientists, operators and automation engineers. We strive to build tools that are thoughtful, convenient, frictionless and empowering to push the pace of scientific discovery forward.
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The 5 ways Artificial can maximize your lab’s productivity during COVID-19

As a distributed team before COVID-19, Artificial knows the importance of building tools that enhance productivity and efficient communication even when you aren’t physically in an office.

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