Artificial Launches Industry Advisory Team

Jun 29, 2023

Artificial, Inc., the digital lab platform provider, recently launched an industry advisory team to gain input for their growing platform offerings from industry-leading lab automation experts.

The advisory team comprises tenured and well-respected automation experts across pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical, and innovative start-up companies. This team will ensure Artificial’s platform will continually provide a robust data backbone to operate laboratories efficiently, reliably, and error-free.

Advisory team member Olga Seltser of Harbinger Health said, “Having Artificial pull a team of industry leaders into an advisory board is a breath of fresh air for the laboratory automation community. So many times customers have input and feedback to offer, but more often than not vendors seek it too late, missing a tremendous opportunity of closing a market gap.”

The team meets regularly with Artificial developers and leadership to preview features, functionality, and module additions to the software while providing candid feedback and insight into pain points in the lab. David Fuller, Artificial co-founder and CEO, said, “We appreciate the time the team is taking to work with us to ensure the industry has what it needs to evolve its processes and enable faster, more streamlined scientific discovery and research.”

Meet the Artificial Industry Advisory Team:  Mike Berke (Amgen), Jason Cassaday (Merck), Melissa Crisp (Eli Lilly), Eli Fine (Resilience), David Jennions (Grail), Reed Kelso (Eikon Therapeutics), Robert Keyser (Septerna), Craig Schulz (Terray Therapeutics), Olga Seltser (Harbinger Health/Laronde)

Who is Artificial:

Artificial Inc. digitizes the entire lab to accelerate the pace of life science discoveries with its cloud-based software platform - the Artificial Product Suite. The Artificial Product Suite embraces the fundamental role of people in the scientific process so that every team has the software tools to make their digitization journey as simple and painless as possible. Lab Automation and Software teams can use Artificial’s tooling to bring workflows to the cloud while leveraging an intuitive interface to orchestrate manual and automated protocols with a next-generation scheduler. Operators and scientists can access intuitive and interactive digital tools to guide them through all the manual tasks and streamline their digital experience. With the Artificial Product Suite, labs are empowered to digitize their scientific ideas through automated execution while gathering a contextually complete data record in the cloud.

Artificial helps labs with cell culture, NGS, drug discovery, and other common assays to create a closed-loop digital lab for more efficient scientific discovery. Learn more about how Artificial can help you modernize your lab at

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