Artificial wins SLAS2021 Ignite Award & Regional Pistoia Alliance Startup Challenge


This week at the SLAS2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition, Artificial was selected as the winner of the Ignite Award and the regional winner of the Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup Challenge.

SLAS2021 is the flagship event of the Society for Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS), the premier provider of information, education, and professional development to the life sciences community in order to transform research. SLAS2021 is considered one of the most influential events to accelerate the life sciences community's knowledge of the latest technology and products.

During the conference, the SLAS Ignite Award is awarded to the best start-up or emerging company exhibiting within Innovation AveNEW, the specially designated area for start-ups and emerging companies within the exhibition. Innovation AveNEW companies were judged by a panel on a combination of key concepts, including their marketing plan, market presence and potential; funding prospect; plan for growth and the existence of balanced company leadership, among other qualities. As the Ignite Award winner, Artificial will be giving a special guest presentation at the Ignite Showcase on March 2.

Artificial was also selected as the regional winner of the Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup Challenge. The Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit, organization that works to lower barriers to innovation in life science and healthcare R&D. Through its President’s Startup Challenge, the organization seeks to recognize and support startups that are transforming R&D and healthcare innovation. As the regional winner, Artificial will be participating in their startup competition in October.

“The life sciences market needs a new way to quickly translate their scientific ideas into automated and reliable results. This has been particularly highlighted with the development and scaling of COVID-19 diagnostics and vaccines,” said David Fuller, CEO of Artificial, “The recent recognition from both SLAS and the Pistoia Alliance validates Artificial’s belief and approach in developing aLab Suite, a unified platform that brings together everything that happens in a lab - the instruments, robots, data, and most importantly, the people. We are honored to be recognized by both organizations for our work thus far as well as our plans going forward.”

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