Artificial in the news

Accessible Automation at Beam Therapeutics

To overcome the challenges of accessibility in lab automation, Beam Therapeutics partnered with Artificial. Learn more about Beam's automation journey and how they made automation accessible to all with Artificial.
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Welcoming Artificial to the M12 Portfolio

Kouki Haraski, PhD MBA of M12, Microsoft's venture arm, welcomes Artificial as the lead of their Series A round.
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Artificial raises $21M led by Microsoft’s M12 for a lab automation platform aimed at life sciences R&D

Artificial's $21.5M Series A round will fund the further development of their platform so they can accelerate the rate of discovery in labs.
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Artificial Raises $21.5M to Accelerate Life Science Breakthroughs

Artificial raised a $21.5M Series A investment round led by led by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, along with Playground Global and AME Cloud Ventures.
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CPO Nikhita Singh talks Artificial and her career path on SLAS New Matter Podcast

Nikhita Singh, Artificial’s CPO, joined Marshall Brennan, Scientific Director at SLAS, to chat about how Artificial empowers scientists to easily and quickly automate their experiments.
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