How we build
Form unlocks function
The best products (and people) combine substance and style. For certain, there are products that thrive with substance only and no style or all style and limited substance. But, we simply ask, “Why not both?” As such, our team is a diverse mix of people with both substantial technical backgrounds AND a track record of delivering stylish user experiences.
Robots are underutilized
We believe humans deserve better experiences when they interact with complex cyber-physical systems like robots. We are certain that these mixed systems are the key to unlocking productivity in most domains of automation and that we still don’t have the right tools to enable enough people to get more things done.
The future of automation is where scale meets flexibility
We believe that most mature automation markets have entrenched and mostly closed ecosystems. These ecosystems change at rates far slower than the rate of technology, particularly that of the Internet. It will likely take a generational change before core industrial markets uptake disruptive, productivity enhancing technologies. Thus, we seek products for markets where rapid flexible innovation is king.
Solutions reveal platforms
We believe in platforms and the multi-market technical and business leverage they provide. But, we believe you should never lead with a platform, but instead lead with solutions or applications that delight customers. We will create only so much platform as is needed for our solutions and avoid overgeneralization without a clear application need. Thus, we strive to strike a balance between applications that delight customers AND evolving platform elements foundational to robotics, automation, and ML/AI.
If these philosophies resonate with you and you are substantially technical, reasonably stylish, believe in simplifying complex cyber-physical systems, and want to accelerate innovation in life sciences while developing a robotic automation platform, then we'd love to hear from you. Check out our career page or send us an email.