Designing for Scientists, Operators and Automation Engineers

At Artificial, we design for scientists, operators and automation engineers. We strive to build tools that are thoughtful, convenient, frictionless and empowering to push the pace of scientific discovery forward.

A connection

Key moments that reflect our vision of meaningful collaboration between people, robots and instruments in a lab.

Unlocking a robust orchestration system



To holisitically schedule, manage, run and monitor how everything in a lab works together to accomplish a goal.

Through our 3D Labs application, we hypothesized that one of the most informative views to see a lab’s operations is from the top. Much like the blueprint of a home, when we surface this comprehensive view, we give our users the clarity to inspect and orchestrate how a lab runs.

At the heart of any automated lab, robots are working diligently at their experiment. When you zoom in a little further, you'll find swift motions of a robotic arm. This is where Artificial meets its responsive & meaningful logo family. In addition, there is significance in the forward-slash at Artificial. It is a powerful mark-up language that enables scientists who have no coding experience to write step-by-step guides to their experiments. When deconstructed, you'll find that /. makes up our official Artificial logo icon.

Say hello to the Artificial Product Suite

The Artificial logo family is inspired by an aerial view of people and robots in motion. Much like the blueprint of a home, an aerial view of a lab is what brings us the clarity to inspect and orchestrate how a lab runs.

Going from an experimental request to a reliable result demands seamless coordination between all the entities in a lab—instruments, robots, samples, consumables and people. Artificial’s suite of applications is designed to be the digital foundation on which labs can orchestrate with intention.

In closing...

As designers at Artificial, we believe that the best tools come from building with users, not just for them. We take pride in our role to improve industry practices that are currently labor-intensive, messy, untraceable and difficult to reproduce. Through meaningful collaborations with our partners—UX workshops, feature planning, design reviews and beyond—we can ultimately drive our industry forward in a positive and responsible way.

Building labs of the future is what we obsess about and would love to hear from you. Say [email protected].

Here’s to the future! 🔮

The Artificial Product Team
Nikhita, CVo, Lucas